Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hi! I am Aaron and welcome to my site. I made this website as a task with Eglinton Articles, --an English as a 2nd Language and Website Development course. If you'd like to work with me, simply use the contact form available on this website. Below is my personal CV, which includes examples of sites and articles or reviews I've posted before.

Graduated with distinction from KZU
9 years of content creation experience (particularly for Online viewers)
6 years of web design experience.
Dedicated, team player professional with a taste for facts.

Employment Experience.
Eglinton Articles,2006 - Present
Managing Director
In control of putting together a international group of writers to suit a specialized list of growth goals and objectives.
- Make cutting edge records for end result, increasing production by 30% across the globe
- Effectively operated successive logs of project distribution
- Managed QA for global development over a sizable group of content writers

Self Employed Web Developer

Additional Expertise
Proficient in Hindustani
Excellent proficiency using a extensive choice of office software

Samples of my English writing work:

Friday, June 15, 2012

Nude Wedges

Currently, one of the most widely used footwear is the nude wedges. These are shoes that have colors that can be easily matched with different skin tones. These colors are intended for different wearers from different races and cultures. Unluckily, there are a number of manufacturers that produce high heel nude shoes for women that have colors other... Continue reading..

Reception Dresses

A lot of time and money are spent on that one gown which the bride will be wearing when she walks down that aisle. In the Chinese wedding tradition, the bride actually changes her outfits numerous times throughout the entire wedding ceremony. The whole world is slowly following that tradition but in a more subtle way. Today, many brides are now choosing to wear a separate dress for their reception.... More on this page..

Owl Jewelry

People who want to have a symbol of an owl on their jewelry have their reasons and their reasons may vary depending on how they perceive or how they revere to the symbol. This symbolic representation may mean a lot of different things depending on a person’s point of view.... Source..

Free Essays Online

It is said that any student from any part of the world tried to look for free essays available online at least once in his lifetime. This is a fact because students partly rely on the Internet for their academic requirements nowadays.... More on this page..

Customize Your Car

You need not to worry because you can always customize your car. Actually, customizing your car is somewhat a favor hobby of people who are fund of cars, who treat their cars as their life and more, those who loves their cars a lot. You can have your car customized... Continue reading..

Fake Belly Button Rings

They can offer to show you a number designs that could make your belly a lot leaner and firmer with just the use of your navel accessory. There are also online shops that sell these fake navel rings... Click here to continue..

Hotels Near Buffalo Airport

But the hotel also has an airport shuttle that can bring guests to and from the airport. This building has 10 floors and has 351 deluxe rooms available for the guests. The entire hotel property has wireless internet including public areas. The rooms have both... More on this page..

Furniture Stores Tampa

Once you have done your part with the listing and budgeting, it is now time to survey furniture stores Tampa. Come to think of it, there are a lot of furniture stores Tampa, because majority of the population in Florida can afford to purchase expensive pieces of furniture but if you want to be practical about it, you can start... Click here to read more..

Club Shoes

This pair of footwear makes them feel and look hot while grooving to the music and screaming with friends. Most clubbers believe that the taller you are,... More on this page..

Bonzai Tree

Your geographic location is one important consideration in your selection of a species of tree. Remember that climate varies from one location to another and that the wrong choice of tree can lead to the tree’s environmental requirements being unmet. For... Click here to read more..

Victoria Flights

The city is rich in dramatic architectural structures, scenic colorful gardens and awe- inspiring sea life. It is considered as one of the... Source..

Theatre In Toronto

One of which is traveling with them which enables all of you to experience various new things together. In Toronto, one of the best travel places is the Toronto Theater... Source of information..

Cheap Vegas Packages

Surfing the net for the best deals is always a smart thing to do. There are a lot of cheap Vegas packages that couples or families can avail and they can pay lesser if they pay ahead of time too. One of the best tips that travelers can give you is to reserve ahead of time. If you choose to do that, there are... Click here to continue..

Nude Wedges

More and more styles of shoes are becoming popular today. People are also more adventurous and daring in terms of wearing new styles and shapes. Wedges are among the shoe types that have been really selling very well recently. Wedges are great since they add height to a woman just like stilettos but they are not... More on this page..

Easton MD

But of course, this all depends on you and exploring these sites is never compulsory. If you have friends who live there then they probably have made arrangements to the... Click here to continue..

Hotels In Nashville TN

It is a full- service, four- diamond hotel. This is absolutely a good choice if you want a hotel that is near several bars, restaurants and music venues. The different features of this contemporary hotel include landscaped 3-acre park, atrium... Click here to continue..